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How to take care of a fresh bouquet
Although there are many artificial flowers in the market, nothing beats the appeal of fresh flowers. Many of us still love the fresh flowers despite knowing that they need more care and you might have to refill them after a couple of days. So you decide to buy flowers and send flowers to Hyderabad or any other place you wish. They are really beautiful and you want them to last as long as possible. The tips below may help you elongate your flowers’ life.

Unwrap it
The first thing to do when you get a fresh bouquet is to remove it from the plastic wrapping. This might seem like common sense but some people often forget this when they get flowers. Do not leave them to stay in the plastic wrapping longer.

Put it in a vase of water.
Ensure you change the water in the vase that you had used for previous flowers before refilling. While doing this wash your vase thoroughly to remove any bacteria that could be lingering in the vase. This will prevent cross-infection if the previous flowers were infected and generally remove any bacteria that would infect your fresh flowers.

Add sugar to the water.
This is to ensure that the flowers remain nourished and last longer. Adding bleach to the water helps to keep the bacteria at a low. Do not add too much as this may ruin your flowers. A tablespoon in one liter is sufficient enough. Remember to change the water regularly. Do not let your flowers sit in the same water for more than two days.

Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle before immersing them in water. Ensure that no leaves are submerged below the water level. Having leaves beneath the water will predispose the flowers to mold and might ruin them after a short time.
Fresh flowers remain a gem. These tips will help you maintain your flowers for longer.

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